Certificate Management Services

Digital certificates are authenticated, issued and managed by a trusted third party, called a Certification Authority (CA). The CA must provide a combination of technology, such as security protocols and standards, secure messaging, and cryptography; infrastructure, including secure facilities, customer support, and redundant systems; and practices – a defined model of trust and legally binding framework for subscriber activities and disputes. In short, a CA must be a trusted online service operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a global basis.

BelSign offers Certification Authority Products and Services which enable organizations and individuals to secure business and personal transactions across communication networks (e.g., Internet, Intranet) through the use of Digital Certificates.

BelSign offers a range of Certificate Management Services to issue and manage Digital Certificates.

Public Certificate Services
Private Label Certificate Services
Consultancy & Training

Public Certificate Services

Confidence and trust are important in all human interactions. Whether paper based, face-to-face, or electronically, successful and binding transactions depend on well-understood links and balances. Digital Certificates ensure privacy and authenticity on the Internet. BelSign, a recognized Certifcation Authority (CA), issues and manages Digital Certificates to support users of a wide range of electronic commerce solutions for server, client and e-mail software.

BelSign Digital Certificates for individuals are used for web browsing, secure email and inter-company communications, access to personal financial information, and online Internet transactions of all kinds, such as subscription-based Internet news services.

BelSign offers 3 classes of Digital Certificates, differentiated by what level of assurance they provide:

Class 1

Class 1 Digital Certificates or Demo Certificates provide you with an unambiguous name and e-mail address within the BelSign repository. Class 1 Digital Certificates are free and only used for demo reasons.
Class 2

Class 2 Digital Certificates or Regular Certificates provide identity assurance by requiring a copy of your identity card/ passport/ driver’s license and your signature. With these personal Digital Certificates for browsers, you can use your certificate for most low-value commercial transactions like online purchases and secure e-mail.
Class 3

Class 3 Digital Certificates provide an even higher level of identity assurance by requiring that you appear before a Local Registration Authority (LRA). You can use such a Digital Certificate for high-value commercial transactions such as electronic banking.
Secure Server

In addition to Digital Certificates for Individuals, BelSign offers “high-assurance” Secure Server Certificates.

A Server Certificate, in combination with an SSL- and SHTTP-based www server, attests the public server’s identity and enables secure communication with customers and business partners.

For more information, please visit the Certificates Services at BelSign.

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Private Label Certificate Services
In addition to this public certificate services (Class 1-3) BelSign also offers solution that are flexible enough to meet every organisation’s CA-needs.

BelSign’s CA-products and services are well suited to the workings of every organsition where access to data and programmes is either allowed or denied, depending on the identity of the user.

Organisations can use BelSign’s CA-producs and services to support a wide range of activities requiring autentication, anything from specific applications and services used by employees within the same company, access to an online service, to local area-networks allowing only a number of registered users.

Please contact BelSign if you would like more information on our Private Certificate Services.

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Consultancy and training

BelSign offers Consultancy and training services. BelSign’s staff has a considerable experience in Certification and Security. Specialists deliver training seminars covering CA basics and the management of a CA. BelSign recognises that the staff is the key to maintaining their reputation for technical excellence. They therefore have a recruitment policy which provides the best qualified people, with the appropiate cross-section of necessary skills.
Besides consultancy adapted to your needs BelSign offers information sessions for free and more specialised seminars.

Weekly briefings

BelSign organises free business briefings each Friday from 10.00 to 12.00, where you can learn more about BelSign and its digital certificates.

What is BelSign and what services does it offer? What is a digital certificate? What are its advantages? What can it do for your business? An on-line demonstration will give you practical answers to all these questions and more. Take-away brochures will be supplied. And BelSign staff are on hand to help devise a certificated security solution for your firm.

BelSign Seminars

Those interested in a more specialized package may want to take advantage of BelSign’s seminars.
For Webmasters, IT Managers, IT Auditors, System Integrators and Software Engineers, BelSign offers a seminar on access control for certificate-based web applications – the “Extranet” Seminar. It will show you the easy and safe way to protect and open information for selected user groups.

Webmasters and software developers will be interested in BelSign’s seminar on digital signatures for software based on digital certificates, the “Object signing” Seminar. A signature puts a distinguishing mark on your Java applets and your ActiveX controls which authenticates the code for the user.

BelSign’s forthcoming “Digital Certificates” Seminar is designed for lawyers and all those interested in developments in cryptography and the legal situation on cryptography and digital signatures in Belgium and Europe.

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E-tendering and Class 3A, 3B Digital signature certificate requirement

If you see Most of the State and central government has switched to e-tendering system from the traditional paper based closed tender system. This not only cuts paper work , delay but also brings in transparacy in the system of selecting prefered service provoders

This provides opportunity to apply for tenders irrespective of the location where one stay

E Tendering is a process of carrying out entire Tendering Cycle Online including submission of Price Bid such that Efficiency, Economy, Speed of Internet can be harnessed.. Benefits of E-tendering: •Completely Automated Process •Shortens Procurement Cycle •Economical and Environment Friendly  •Greater Transparency  •Improvement in work culture in the departments •System helped Evaluation process •On the wing reports/comparatives statement •Minimize Human errors •Minimal Storage Spaces •Change in Perception – Progressive Organization •Lesser hassle of communication and administration CLASS 3A/ 3B DIGITAL SIGNATURE CERTIFICATE (DSC) will be utilized for utilizing for these tenders. •Digital Certificate is your Internet Passport •Digital Certificate come with 1 / 2 Years validity •Can be pandered easily, in less than 8 Hours •List of licenced Certifying Agency (CA) –TCS –N Code (GNFC) –Safescrypt –MTNL –NIC -E-mudra •Data Encrypted with Public Key, can only be decoded by related Private Key. •No one has decrypted data without Private Key •Highly Secure, used at individual combatant installation across the world to procure Data

For E Commerce Activities – IT ACT 2000

Any document which is digitally signed, by digital certificate issued by a licensed Certifying Agency (CA) who is approved by Controller of Certifying Agency (CCA) will be considered as a valid document in the court of law.

For E Procurement – CVC Guidelines

E Procurement is allowed as per the guidelines of CVC order no. 46/9/03 rendered the E Procurement is executed in an antimonopoly and clear fashion & IT Act 2000 is complied

SAI DIGITAL SIGNATURES, BANGALORE- Ph.09902977233 will offers you  Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) as Licensed Registration Authority (LRA), of (n) code solutions, MTNL  and Safe Script for distribution of Digital Signature Certificate. The (n) code solutions, ( Certifying Authority Services being rendered by GNFC, a Government of India Undertaking ) is licenced Certified Authority authorised by Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA), Government of India, to issue individual types of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC).09902977233

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